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Commonly asked Question?


How does a pets groom differ from my how haircut?

A pets grooming appointment is different than an appointment at your hair salon in that we don’t bathe, dry, brush and groom each dog from start to finish. 

We have all the dogs arrive first thing in the morning at scheduled times, then all the dogs are bathed, then dried, then “finished” (haircut, furminated, nails trimmed, teeth brushed, etc.). So while one dog is being bathed, one is being dried and one is being finished. Remember dogs have about 4 or 5 times the amount of hair that a human has.

How do I know when my pet will be finished?

When a pet is drop off at our Salon you will be given a pick up time anywhere from three to five hours later. If your pet is finished before the given time we will either call or text, letting you know your pet is ready for pick up. If you’re unavailable to come right away rest assured that your pet is resting comfortably in our climate controlled holding room, in their own individual kennel laying on a comfy bed.

How long will the grooming service take?
A pet grooming generally takes from two to four hours depending on the breed of dog and which services are being provided.

Why is a longer time given for pick up?

​This is done to ensure that our staff doesn’t feel rushed. Often times a pet needs extra time for a groom and this allows us to ensure each and every pet clients gets the service they deserve without any stress. Nothing is worst then when you feel like you’re being rushed through a service. Animals feel the same way too. 

Is there a kennel free option for my pets grooming?

If you would like your pet groomed from for start to finish we can offer Express Service that provides a kennel free grooming experience. This means that your dog is done “straight through” and depending on your dog, this can take anywhere between 45 minutes-3 hours per dog. When you call to schedule your appointment please inform us at that time so we can plan ahead as only a limited number of express Grooms can be done a day. A $20.00 fee for this service will be added on to the regular grooming fee.

What vaccinations do you require?

According to state law, Each owner of a dog or cat that is 6 months of age or older shall cause such dog or cat to be vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian using a licensed vaccine according to the manufacturer's directions and shall cause such dog or cat to be re-vaccinated at intervals recommended by the manufacturer. ​In addition to Rabies, we suggest all dogs have received the VMA recommended initial shots for their age. It is also recommend that you protect your pet from Canine Cough with an annual vaccine.

What if the groom isn't what I like?

 Our groomers will always work to give your pet the cut that you want, however, keep in mind that your pets comfort and health are always our number one priority. We will  keep notes on what was done for the groom. If you are unsatisfied with the groom, please let us know before you leave the shop so that the groomer can make any necessary corrections and we can take notes for the next groom. If changes are requested more than 24hrs after the grooming appointment, there will be an additional charge which may include a re-bathing fee
We take great pride in our work and want you to as well.

How do I book an appointment?

You can Call us at 781-792-0484, Text: 781-686-7013 or Email

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